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The most innovative and exciting product to hit mixed martial arts, the strikeMMAsk is the latest product to be launched by Jubei Sports Co-Founders Jubei Knight and Anthony Amos.  Jubei, with his extensive knowledge in the MMA arena and Anthony, who is fast becoming one of Americas most exciting and influential entrepreneurs, are successfully taking strikeMMAsk from the American market and turning it into a global brand


Created by a pro MMA champion to give fighters a realistic head target on their punch bag, the strikeMMAsk is available in both Original and Pro versions. Original strikeMMAsk is the perfect tool for kids to learn and practice striking fundamentals prior to sparring and as a cross-training tool for fitness enthusiasts looking to vary their training whilst the strikeMMAsk pro is tailored towards amateur and professional fighters looking to hone their striking accuracy
The strikeMMAsk is made of a heavy duty foam core specifically designed to accept to force of fighter training. It is attached to the heavy bag with adjustable straps that have a rubberized gripping material inside to keep it from sliding around during training. There is no longer any need for training gloves. The strikeMMAsk is comfortable for bare hands!
Usually, when fighters train, certain punches like uppercuts and hooks have no realistic place to land and the fighter ends up scuffing their knuckles across the pretend spot that an opponent’s head would normally be.

Matt Arroyo – Former UFC Fighter, TUF Contestant

“The strikeMMAsk brings a face to your bag, and when you’re punching, you can aim for where you want on the face, the chin, the temple, all the knockout points, its way more realistic”

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The strikeMMAsk is the first of its kind. It is extremely durable and designed to enhance the training of any serious fighter. (Patent Pending)

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This has taken my training to a whole new level. I amazed by how well it stays in place and takes my hardest punches and kicks.

Thomas Kinkaid

The strikeMMAsk puts the head right over the body. It is a perfect addition to my training routine.

Mike Smith

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